Pipedream University new series of 21 videos

We are excited to announce Pipedream University is a new series of 21 videos that explain everything about using Pipedream, including Developing Workflows, using Code Steps, and more advanced concepts such as Component Development.


Of course, Pipedream University is entirely free and also available as a playlist on YouTube.

Developing Workflows

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The first lessons at Pipedream University begin with the basics of building workflows. We start by explaining what a Pipedream workflow is and how it works, and end with important tutorials on how to connect accounts, conditionally stop workflows with filters, and how to delay.

  • What is a workflow? (1:31)

  • Building, testing and deploying workflows (3:37)

  • Diving into the Workflow Inspector (3:32)

  • Triggering a Workflow (5:09)

  • Passing data between Workflow Steps (4:44)

  • Data Stores Basics (4:33)

  • Understanding Sources (3:49)

  • Connecting Accounts to Pipedream (3:35)

  • Conditionally stop workflows with Filters (5:54)

  • Delaying steps in Workflows (5:19)

Code Steps


In the introductory lessons, we covered how to pass data between pre-built Actions. However, how do you easily access data from other steps in Code Steps?  The code step lessons begin with sending data to a Node.js code step and end with using asynchronous code.

  • Pass data to code steps (3:32)

  • Use NPM packages in code steps (7:08)

  • Structure of a Node.js Code Step (6:31)

  • Passing props to code steps (5:14)

  • Connecting apps to code steps (2:47)

  • Using asynchronous code in code steps (8:02)

  • Rerunning a code step (14:27)

Component Development


Pipedream is powered by components. Whether you’ve used pre-built actions or triggers, or even a Node.js code step you’ve actually interacted with components. In this third section of Pipedream University, we’ll begin with how components work from a high level and end with how to build your first component.


  • Components 101 (4:09)

  • Installing the PD CLI tool (4:30)

  • Instant Component Development Environment with Gitpod (3:10)

  • Building your first action component (7:56)


We can’t wait to see what you build with Pipedream! As always, please send us any feedback or questions, or let us know how we can help you solve your use cases.

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